What to Look For in Choosing a Window Company

Today there are many reasons people are changing out their windows, and with the government programs available for energy audits, weatherization improvements, that the cost to replace those old worn out ones with new high efficiency window replacements. There are many different types of windows available as well, from double pane glass to ones that have an inert gas between them to prevent moisture and block out certain light waves.

First though the question is who do you go to get these done? This is the real tricky part, because as the demand for replacement windows has increased, so has the amount of businesses that will not only sell windows to you, but also install them for you as well. While many of these companies are legitimate, there are so many more that aren’t. Here are some tips to help you pick the right company for you.

The first thing right off is that they should have a business license, are educated in window installation as well. They should be able to provide you with proof of both of these at a moment’s notice. Because they are a stranger coming into your home, they should also be bonded, which means they have been fingerprinted with the police department. A legitimate contractor should also carry liability insurance. While they don’t have to be registered with every agency, some important ones that they should be with are the Better Business Bureau, The National Association of Home Builders, or even the National Home Improvement Registry.

Other things you need to consider is how well they know about the different window replacements that are out there. A good contractor will not only go through the house and assess your needs, but should also help you decide which windows are right for you. While they don’t necessarily have to be a family run business, they should have some experience in windows. They should be able to provide references, and you need to check them out, and ask them how satisfied they were with the service.

You can also ask your neighbors who have gotten their windows replaced recently who they went through and how they liked their work. You can find an abundance of window companies online, and it is best to check with each site carefully. When you contact the window company, make sure they come out and do a free estimate. Don’t just have one come out, but a few at least. Before they even get started they should be able to provide you with their credentials. If they are deceptive about anything, you shouldn’t use them.

If you choose one with the best overall pricing, then you should have them come back and do a complete walk through. As you both are discussing things, you should be writing it all down, for a reference later, when the contracts are made up. A few things that they should be able to make clear is how long the work will take, what all they are doing, and a reasonable price. When this is all worked out, make sure that the contract reflects all of these things. You need to look over the contract carefully, making sure that any differences to what was agreed upon is fully explained before signing anything.