So who’s buying into this interior design revolution? Traditionally, wall stickers have been most popular in nurseries and children’s bedrooms and the large choice of simple, colourful, and above all fun designs available for such environments will testify to this. Living spaces, kitchens, bathrooms and offices are also finding a home to a range of sticker designs.

Perhaps most innovatively, the decals are being used to impactful use in creative spaces, where free thinking is a part of the job description – just look at the walls of the Twitter offices to get a sense that wall stickers can enhance an environment that’s already at the cutting edge of design.

With designs ranging from nature based images such as flowers, trees, and an assortment of different animals, to decals centred around text, words and phrases, to patterns and shapes such as hearts, one thing is almost certain – there’s sure to be a vinyl sticker to appeal to virtually anyone. The right modern design on an otherwise unexciting wall can have a transformational effect on a living space.

Depending on the style of sticker you plunge for, it’s relatively easy to create a big impact on the look and feel of a room. Some of the more intricate designs look almost hand painted, while the smaller images that come individual pieces – such as hearts or butterflies – allow you to get creative and select in a personalised manner exactly how your wall will look.

Aside from creating a bespoke paint effect – both time consuming and potentially costly – there are few alternatives to the simplicity of making a design statement with a sticker. And with no previous knowledge or expertise of any kind needed to get started decorating a wall with decals, the barriers to entry to potentially transforming your room are practically non-existent.

For young professionals and students renting, and therefore in spaces where painting a wall creatively might raise a landlord’s eyebrows, this new generation of wall decals can offer the ideal solution to liven up an otherwise drab wall: come move out time, they can simply be peeled off. Of course, even for those who are lucky enough own their own walls, the temporary nature of decals adds a real plus. Want to move your sticker once it’s been applied, or decide you’re bored of a particular design? Removal is just as much of a cinch as application.

So involve almost no commitment – perhaps that, along with the wide range of designs available today, best explains the surge in popularity of one of interior design’s latest innovations.