If you live in the desert southwest, you know how devastating the sun can be to your outdoor furniture and other patio or deck accessories. Even in other parts of the country, sun exposure can cause your furniture cushions, grill, light fixtures, and other items to age long before their time. This is a reason why many people choose to build storage sheds at the same time they’re putting in their patios, so that they’ll have a convenient space to keep their valuable possessions when they aren’t being used. Even with an existing patio or deck, you may want to add a storage unit nearby for this same purpose.

Patio furniture is expensive, and no one wants to buy costly replacement cushion sets or umbrellas for outdoor tables every year. These are often the first items to show sun damage, even if they’re made of weather-resistant types of textiles. If your garage is clear at the other end of your property, no one is going to want to carry the cushions back and forth every time they want to use them, either. By building even a small storage structure near your patio, you can solve these problems with the best of both worlds – convenience and utility.

People who have carpentry skills can construct a small building using free or inexpensive online plans. Even those who are have few skills will be able to assemble one of the many sheds you can purchase in kit form. Unless you’ve got the money to hire a professional carpenter to come in and build something for you, you will find that these do-it-yourself options are much more affordable, and they will still offer you the weather-resistant, low-maintenance storage you need.

Shed kits are for buildings large and small. Most of these kits come in panels that can be snapped together easily using a few simple tools. Panels may be made of wood, resin, plastic, or metal, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. These buildings are designed to be water-tight, low maintenance, and durable enough to withstand heavy loads of snow on the roof. You definitely won’t have to worry about your shed blowing down during a spring thunderstorm or winter blizzard.

These little enclosures can give you a great deal in the way of storage space. When you build a shed, you don’t just want to consider the amount of floor space. Storage is actually figured in cubic feet, because with shelving and attic lofts, you can add a lot of area to store things in the higher parts of the building. Some buildings are built high enough to give you plenty of head room to walk around in them in addition to space for a loft with added storage potential. This space can come in particularly handy in the winter when you want to move your patio furniture inside. It can mean no more hanging the patio swing on a wall in your garage to get it out of the elements!