Self Branding – Finding Your Value by Anchoring Your Skills

Self branding is not as easy as people say it is.  It involves much more than a logo or nice image.  Self branding is like trying to cut your own hair when you clearly don’t have the skill or knack for it.  However, I have found a few tricks to help you along the way.

Trick #1:  Starting Brand Anchor with your last position or project going back as far as you want, create a short and long list of the things you’ve done and skills you’ve developed.   I find that most people devalue their skills because they don’t remember all of what they’ve done.  Or, they take their skills for granted thinking that everyone knows how to do what they can do.

Trick #2:  Outside of work, put together a list of projects that you have worked on whether you got paid or not.  In this list, include projects that were rewarding and fun for you.  For example, in a branding project for a hair stylist, we uncovered that he had a love for interior design.  He would do little projrects on the side (of course, he thought nothing of them).  We were able to blend these skills into his brand and take his design skills deeper because of this side passion.

Be sure to include your side passions.  Sometimes people think side passions can’t sustain their business brand.  Side passions can reveal more about your brand than you think.  The side passion might be your “distinguish” factor”.

Trick #3:  Create a list of three to five of your favorite brands.  These brands can be famous people, products, cars or services.  Once you have a list, write down three things you like about each one.  Then, bridge the gap between you and your favorite brand.  In other words, like attract like.  Your personal brand has many of the characteristics of the brands that you’ve grown to love.

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