Hot! Interior Designers Use Modern Rugs to Decorate the Homes of the Rich and Famous

Whether you are living in a large or compact home with modern interior decor, you cannot avoid having chic and stylish 21st century modern rugs displayed in your living, dining, bedrooms, kitchen, patios and bathrooms. They have become the enhancing fixtures and accessories to suit all contemporary style of home setting. Rug manufacturers and rug designers have come up with all types, shapes, sizes, styles, textures, colors and designs to match and complement whatever theme or motif and budget you have. You can choose from a vast array of hand-knotted, hand-tufted, machine-made, flat weave type of modern rugs which have grown in popularity and demand these days. They add color, inspiration, sophistication and trendy style to every space in your home.

Luxury homes of celebrities, the rich and famous are adorned with the best and pricey rugs available which are the natural silk and wool customized designer rugs. When you reach this status in life to afford these uniquely braided designed and handcrafted expensive avant-garde rugs, they become necessities and worth their prices for their top quality and longevity. Until you do when money is not an issue, you just have to stick to your budget range and still can own elegant, beautiful and fashionable rugs which may be a combination of natural and synthetic materials and not necessarily the handmade ones.

If you prefer the handmade rugs, you need to know the many new and innovative techniques being implemented by handcrafters from different countries. New spins, old designs in more artistic vibrant colors, unique and creative new designs are revolutionizing the modern rug industry. Another modern rag you can opt is the silver shag rag which you can bring to your bathroom to complement a silver bathroom mirror and silver bath curtains. Or you can get an all-weather silver shag rug for your living room which can also serve as a temporary sleeping cushion if you live in a flat and have a guest staying overnight.

Other types of rags are the fabulous and uninhibited designed Persian, Tibetan, Gabbeh rugs whose textures, patterns, swirls, geometric shapes, subtle, soft and bold designs come in a wide assortment. There are also the less expensive rugs and you can canvass many websites of modern rug suppliers. Spend your time gazing at the pictures and videos of their assorted products. Most of them offer special promo sales and substantial discounts up to 60{823ee7c0eba0898fb29b07c380fe9d57eedb27ae7904b52342d0b3a1c98ef280} with free shipping.

You can choose the synthetic and more economical rugs which can suddenly transform your dull looking space into an alive and radiant atmosphere with fabulously designed and colorful square, circle, oval, octagon, rectangular shaped sheep skin or kangaroo skin rugs. Materials can be made from the sturdy polypropylene to the cheaper, wool-like acrylic in soft and comfortable texture. Adopt this practical, smart and economical approach to your modern rug decorating layout by selecting inspired, imaginative or abstract designs suited to your budget, personality, mood, taste and your home style. At the end of the day, you can be confident that your family and friends will adore the sleek, fresh and new makeover look created by the modern rugs to your home.