Herbal Life Review: The Birth and Rebirth of This MLM Company

The Birth of Herbal Life:

In February 1980, Mark Hughes began selling his weight-loss product from the trunk of his car bearing the slogan “Lose Weight Now, Ask me How.” Hughes proceeded to adopt the multi-level marketing system for the company’s growth. Using the traditional Direct Sales methods such as door-to-door sales, seminars directed towards their target market and word-of-mouth referrals Hughes was able to expand his new company into over USD 2 million in sales and expand into neighboring Canada. In 1996, despite lawsuit from the California Attorney General, Herbal Life became a publicly traded company and reached USD 1 billion in annual sales. President and CEO Mark Hughes died at the age of 44. The company was then acquired by Whitney and Co, LLC. and Golden Gate Capital who made Herbal Life a private company once again. After the death of original founder Mark Hughes, the company continued to stir up controversy based solely on whether or not these products were effective or even claims that they may be harmful in terms of health.

The Rebirth of Herbal Life:

In April 2003, Herbal Life acquired the former president of Walt Disney International Michael O. Johnson. There is no doubt that Johnson jumped into a company with a plethora of issues regarding their products, the accidental overdose of Hughes and a few lawsuit scandals. The success of Herbal Life once Johnson joined in is undeniable. Johnson breathed new life into a faltering Herbal Life and began clearing up all and any previous misconceptions of the products. Within 52 weeks under the leadership of Johnson, the company doubled in net sales and its stock soared by %124. To put a staple on it all Johnson took the award in 2005’s Wall Street Journal’s Readers’ Choice for CEO of the Year even beating out Apple’s notorious Steve Jobs and Google’s Eric Schmidt.

Johnson was the smart choice to represent this company in terms of the image for the brand. He is the epitome of health and physical endurance and motivates his representatives to join him on marathons and triathlons and promoting their health as well. Herbal Life products range from nutritional, weightless, vitamins, energy and fitness and skin care. You can view “STATEMENT OF AVERAGE GROSS COMPENSATION OF U.S. SUPERVISORS – 2010” at their website and decide if this compensation plan is for you.

Herbal Life: Overall Personal Opinion:

Overall, Herbal Life is a network marketing company that is here to stay and make their presence known globally. They have variety of products and as soon as a new product trends on the health market, Herbal Life will be able to emulate this product and sell it under their own brand name. Therefore, their products will never be out-dated and out of demand. Most recently, they have made a name for themselves in terms of their sports sponsorships; from sponsoring the L.A Galaxy, the USA Mens’ Soccer team to famous Lionel Messi who plays for the Barcelona Club. Now they are branching out in terms of their https://www.saluteebenesserehlife.it/herbalife-lavoro-guadagnare-con-herbalife# marketing strategies and the praise for the business’ growth to 2.1 million Independent Distributors in 75 countries and record retail sales of $4.3 billion in 2010 can be given to the leadership of Mr. Michael O. Johnson himself.

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