Growing Campus Population – Used Cisco Routers

When student populations on campuses grow, CANs struggle with security, reliability and maintainability issues and must accommodate rampant network growth. Burgeoning email systems, less than stellar redundancy and resiliency, and frequent system collapses can spell big trouble, but fixing the problem can be prohibitive, leading to an extended wait time and lost productivity. Fortunately, used Cicso routers, provided by companies that house certified technicians and offer free configurations assistance on their refurbished Cisco routers, can save organizations up to 90{823ee7c0eba0898fb29b07c380fe9d57eedb27ae7904b52342d0b3a1c98ef280} on cost, offering at least some financial relief.

Networking issues can’t be ignored, but moving forward with network upgrades isn’t easy by any means, especially in institutions where funding protocols can be labyrinthine. Working with an experienced provider of used Cisco routers can help as campuses work toward solutions that can be self-funding, secure, resilient, accessed throughout campus, fail-safe, and able to retain the current infrastructure as much as is possible, given cost barriers.

Self-funding with VoIP

VoIP (Voice over IP) solutions, when used to replace leased lines for voice communications networks throughout campuses, can prove to be self-funding. Integrating VoIP within network structures spells out gained efficiencies too, making this component in a network overhaul desirable for many campuses and worth considering. It makes sense to implement upgrades in a CAN with refurbished routers and other components as is possible, but additional long term savings can also be realized with VoIP implementation.

Sourcing Used Cisco Hardware

Upgrading or overhauling systems campus-wide requires both vision and a centralized, committed hub for decision making. It also makes sense to ensure flexibility in the process: Instead of contracting with one provider and committing resources to retail pricing on parts, plans can allow for improvisation in sourcing. Once the project requirements are outlined, shopping for refurbished Cisco routers and other components can save universities and other enterprises a great deal of money, critical when budgets are constricted.

While competitive pricing is important, other considerations can translate to savings too. For example, a provider of routers that also carries the full line of Cisco products-IP phones, cache engines, wireless supplies, etc.-can help streamline sourcing. In addition, a provider that is extensively sourced is more likely to provide added attention that will pay off should issues arise-which they always do at some point. A quality provider of used network parts will offer a warranty, extensive customer service, the availability of certified-technician assistance, and immediate response protocols that can help a project stay on course.

It is a given that a campus will eventually need to revise, revamp, upgrade and overhaul communications systems and networking structures. Whether it needs to happen “yesterday” or will be an imperative within a few years, it is prudent to plan for these changes by building relationships with used router components providers that are knowledgeable and invested in helping institutions save and adjust to inevitable changes.