Christian Movie Reviews – Guidelines to Consider

Christian movie reviews are a great tool to help you in your faith walk. Like all media, movies are powerful because of their ability to influence your thoughts and feelings. In Proverbs 4:23, we are advised to guard our hearts, because out of it springs the issues of life. We are also exhorted to meditate on things what is true, noble, lovely, pure, virtuous, praiseworthy and of good report (Philippians 4:8).

Movie reviews written from a biblical perspective can help you make wise decisions as to what to watch, and can help you prepare yourself spiritually if you choose to watch a feature that is less than noble or pure.

An ideal movie review written for Christians would not only provide a summary of the plot, the characters, and theme but would include information about any potential objectionable elements. This is helpful because everyone has areas of weakness and temptation. According to a principle of martial arts, the best way to fight a temptation is to avoid being tempted in the first place. So, for example, if you have issues with sexual temptation, then watching movies that contain nudity or sexual situations will likely increase your struggle. If you do decide to see the movie, then knowing beforehand about the tempting element will help you be better able to prepare for it.

Another helpful element for a Christian movie review would be to provide an opinion about the movie through the lens of Philippians 4:8. What elements of the movie are true, noble, pure, praiseworthy, and the other elements we are advised to meditate on? Even if the movie does not have an overtly Christian message, there still may be elements that affirm our values. For example, I saw a movie recently on video that illustrated a positive view of marriage and commended remaining faithful to your spouse for life. In my opinion, that made the movie worth watching, even though it had occasional strong language.

Good movie reviews for Christians will also wrap up the article with a final recommendation, a reason to see or a reason to pass. However in the end, every person must decide for themselves what media they will allow into their minds. Movies can be great fun, but remember that they are a form of “amusement”. The word “amusement” means “without thinking.” It’s human to Christian movies want to escape reality on occasion, but it can cause problems if worldly media has a greater influence on your mind than God’s word. In the end, the one allowed greater reign in your life will eventually have the greater influence on your behavior.

So be discerning about the movies you watch and let Christian movie reviews be your tool to help you determine which ones can best support your walk with the Lord.

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