An Introduction To The Design And Application Of Micro Switches

Micro switches, aka miniature snap-action switches, what developed by Peter McGall in 1932. 5 years later, he started the Micro Switch Company. Around 13 years later, Honeywell bought out this company. Micro Switch is a trademark but the term began to be used commonly for all of the similar products. Let’s find out more about the design and numerous uses of these units.

How Does this unit Work?

Basically, these units get activated even if minimum force is applied. There is a tripping mechanism behind their functionality. There are three contacts in the switch. They are called Common, Normally Closed and Normally Open. Based on the design of the unit, it may allow or stop the flow of current. The floor will resume only when the mechanism gets activated.

In the case of a normally open unit, the current flow is not allowed until the closed position is achieved. With the normally closed switch, the flow of electricity is allowed until the switch terminates the flow.

What are these units Used For?

Micro switches have numerous uses despite the fact that these units are quite small and cheaper to make. Typically, they are used in electrical circuits, door locking mechanisms, and a lot of other home appliances. So, a micro switch is one of the most commonly used component these days.

Apart from this, they are commonly used in the safety mechanisms of different types of Elevators. They can also be found in photocopying machines for the detection of jammed paper. They are also an important component in home security systems.

The window or door mechanism triggers the switch causing the alarm to go off. They are equally useful in different types of fire security systems. Besides, they are used in vending machines these days. Micro switches are used by a lot of manufacturers in order to identify the blockage in a production line. For example, they are used to stop the movement of the belt so that the engineers have enough time to resolve the problem.

You can choose from different types of micro switches based on the type of application. Therefore, we suggest that you consider the style and size of the unit based on the job you want to use them for. For example, some of the units are designed for simple use. On the other hand, some of the units are specially designed for specific purposes.

We suggest that you check the performance and condition of the product to make sure that the mechanism is operational. If the unit is damaged, you may want to replace it right away to ensure the safety and security of your appliances and security systems.

Long story short, this was an introduction to micro switches and their applications. If you are looking to buy these switches, we suggest that you follow the tips given in this article. This will help you get the best unit to meet your needs. After all, you don’t want to end up buying the wrong unit.