7 Reasons Why Tandem Kayaks Are Better Than Standard Ones

Kayaking is a pretty popular sport, it has been on a rising trend ever since the 80’s. There are tens of thousands of kayakers all around the world, more and more people are getting into the sport/hobby every single day.

However, there is one problem with all of these people getting into kayaking – the majority of them quit shortly after.

One of the key reasons for that is the fact that kayaking can have a pretty steep learning curve when you get into it alone, some people refer to it as “the dip”:

Luckily for you, there’s a solution to this issue – tandem kayaks.

Everyone has heard of tandem bikes, and they’re considered normal, but not many people in the mainstream talk about tandem kayaks.

Below I will share the seven key benefits of tandem kayaks and how they help you get past the initial phase, the learning curve.

Tandem Kayaks Let You Bond With People

Because tandem kayaks have two seats, the majority of the time you will have a buddy with you. This could be your wife or husband, a great friend or simply a more experienced kayaker.

No matter who you take, I can guarantee that you will strengthen the relationship you have with that person, hugely.

Some people call tandem kayaks “divorce-boats”, but Fallschirmspringen these are usually the people who have only given it one shot and quit. The reality is that if you have a good relationship, a strong one – this will help make it even stronger and improve your communication and co-operation.

However, if you’re in a “fake”, pointless relationship, it can end it.

Tandem Kayaks Are Easier to Learn

If you’ve never been boating, rafting, kayaking or done anything of that nature, obviously your first time in the water will be hard.

You will be scared, you might panic and usually, people don’t really know what to do.

With a tandem this is a void problem.

The buddy or guide in the other seat will be more experienced and will help you through the process by communication, when the stroke, in which direction and what to do next.

More Safety, Less Exhaustion

Because this is a two-man kayak, you will not be hopelessly floating about when you run out of breath, which is one of the main safety concerns people have on this subject, despite always having a life jacket.

If you get tired, your partner can simply take over the paddling for a minute or two while you enjoy the magical views of your local lake or river.

Also, when you’re paddling in sync, both of you will have to do less work to move, which means that exhaustion can usually be avoided as a whole, even if you’re not in the best shape of your life.

It’s Easier On Your Wallet

Tandem kayaks offer a far better bang for your buck, especially in the long-haul.

While they offer 2x the kayak and a thousand other significant benefits, the majority of the time they will only cost you approximately 1.5x more than a standard one.

This is even easier on you, if you happen to purchase it with a friend.

A Whole Lot More Room

When you’re sitting in your standard boat, made for just one person, even a regular person can get claustrophobic sometimes, because they’re just so tight and you usually sit in the cockpit.

Whether you’re alone or with a partner, both of you will have much more leg space and room in general. The cockpits are usually wider and slightly deeper as well.

You Could Carry Equipment

Not everyone can find a partner who would be interested in kayaking, I get it.

Tandem kayaking solo is just as much fun, if not even more fun sometimes.

In the other seat, you could put your fishing equipment, ranging from a fish finder to a bag of your favorite beverages and snacks. Cruise down to the lake, throw up your reels and later on enjoy your meal!

One of my favorite things to do is go snorkeling with my kayak. You paddle out to more exciting locations, anchor down and go for a slight swim. The things you will see will be much more extravagant.

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